¿Cuánto tiempo debo tener que esperar?

When you need behavioral health care, it is important to get it promptly. The amount of time before your appointment depends on your condition and on the type of care you need. The table below shows how soon you should be able to see a behavioral health care provider.

(Note: A business day is usually Monday through Friday. It does not include weekends or holidays.) 

Wait times
Appointment Type Wait Time for Appointment
Urgent care (prior authorization not required by health plan) Within 48 hours
Non-urgent (routine) appointment with a psychiatrist Within 15 business days
Non-urgent mental health (routine) appointment (non-physician)1 Within 10 business days

1 Examples of non-physician mental health providers include counseling professionals, substance abuse professionals and qualified autism service providers.

You can search for a behavioral health care provider on this website. You can also get a referral from MHN by calling the number listed on your ID card or by calling 1-888-327-0010