Elija un proveedor

Finding a participating counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist is easy.

  • We can help find a provider for you. Just call and tell us what kind of help you need.
  • Or, try the provider search on MHN’s member website (www.members.mhn. com). You don’t need authorization for outpatient office visits, but please call us to let us know who you are going to see. 

Some plans also cover visits with providers who are not in our network. However, we recommend using a network provider whenever possible. When you do:

  • Your portion of the cost is usually much lower. 
  • You know the provider meets high standards of education, training and experience. 
  • If you have any problems with the provider, MHN can step in to help. 
  • There are no claims to file.

Encontrar un proveedor

La red nacional de proveedores de MHN incluye más de 63,000 profesionales de salud mental con licencia y 1,500 hospitales y centros de atención.

Encuentre un médico